Billie's Kid, a true story of adoption by Steve Tucker
Surviving the Traumas of Adoption

My book "Billie's Kid" is the true story of my adoption as a baby and my search in later life for my biological parents.

In tracing my blood family and doing research for my book I found a number of organisations, online communities and other resources that may be helpful to other people starting their own search or dealing with the traumas of adoption. I've listed these in the Links section below.

Adoption is a traumatic event, for the adoptee coming to terms with feelings of abandonment and rejection by their B-parents (their biological, birth or blood parents) and wrestling with deep issues of identity and belonging. It is also traumatic for birth parents who have made the difficult and painful decision to give a child up for adoption. The guilt and pain of relinquishment often results in psychological damage, leaving scars that never fully heal.

It is also traumatic for A-parents (adoptive parents). Often they have faced the sadness of being unable to conceive their own children. They decide to adopt but may find their adoptive child in moments of anger says they are not their 'real' parents. The adoptive child may later decide to trace their blood family, leaving the adoptive parents feeling inadequate and betrayed despite having given their child as much love and attention as a biological child.

Reunion with one's biological family is not always possible for any number of reasons, but even those adoptees who are successful in tracing their blood relatives may face great disappointment or distress. The traumas of adoption can be eased by sharing experiences with others who have faced similar challenges. My book
"Billie's Kid" is a candid account of my own experiences that I hope others involved in adoption will be able to relate to.

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